Rent From Us!

From RO–NO Rent you may rent all types of bicycles and EU-mopeds, outboard motorboats up to 60 hp, rowing boats, canoes, life jackets and water skis etc. We also sell boat fuel.

We are located at two places in Åland:

  • Östra Hamnen in Mariehamn
  • Västra Hamnen in Mariehamn

Please consider the following:

  • You must prove your identity when you check out.
  • Rented items should be returned in undamaged condition.
  • A charge is payable if a rented item has to be repaired.
  • You must pay a deposit when you rent a boat.  The deposit is returned at the end of the rent period.


RO-NO Rent

Havsgatan 29, Västra Hamnen / Ångbåtsbron, Östra Hamnen
AX-22100 Mariehamn
+358 18 12820, +358 18 12821